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Bessie is a double-bred Buckskin granddaugher of Poco Bueno.
Bessie is a double-bred Buckskin granddaughter of Poco Bueno. Now at 25 years old, I would love to have seen her as a youngster. Bessie is definitely the "kind' with a fluid neck, beautiful head, cow eyes, big nostrils and fox ears. At 98% foundation, I do believe this is a mare to base all others after. Although, we lost Bessie recently, she blessed us with a beautiful bay filly by Amigo ~ see Trick Pony under Amigo's Kids. (Bess Poco)

Bessie's Pedigree
Duck, double-bred Poco Bueno
One of the original two mares that started our brood mare band: Duck was a "mare in reining training" at UW-River Falls Equine Program and spins like the best with a BIG stop. Duck is double-bred Poco with War Bond Leo, Peppy, and 99% foundation. Her foals always exhibit perfect conformation and a sunny disposition. (Great Discount)

Duck's Pedigree    Past Foals
Miss E is a granddaughter of Poco Bueno
This lovely little mare has an ROM in Reining and AQHA World Show qualified. She is granddaughter of Poco Bueno with crosses to Blackburn, Eddie, Norfleet, Zandy, and more. She is my "bomb proof" riding mare! (Miss Eddie Bueno)

Miss E's Pedigree

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