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Our farm consists of rolling hills, woods, and a private lake and is located in Northeast Wisconsin just outside of Green Bay only minutes off Interstate 43. Our specialty is preserving the King and Poco Bueno bloodlines and maintaining a high percentage foundation. We breed our NFQHA Poco Bueno granddaughters and our King granddaughter to our King grandson (Continental Jester) and two Poco Bueno grandsons (JB Model Poco Bevo and Mi Optimo Amigo Poco). Our mares have been carefully selected with a bottom-line outcross distinctly different from King or Poco Bueno such as Wimpy, Two Eyed Jack, Skipper W, Leo, Eddie, Three Bars, and more. This selective planning allows us to still be able to produce a foal as high as 43.75% Poco Bueno without an overdose effect. Most our bloodstock has been acquired in Texas from prominent King and Poco Bueno breeders. Most are a high percentage foundation blood; many are 100%. Our boys get broke to ride before they get to breed a mare. If they prove to be sensible, talented, and trainable, their reward is the right to breed (most our mares are broke too). Our love for King and Poco Bueno horses isn't just because they're the most legendary father son team, but because growing up in the Southwest I had a Poco Bueno mare as a kid and have had a soft spot for that lineage ever since. Our goal since then has been to improve, preserve, and promote that lineage. To achieve this goal, 15 years ago, we began purchasing only the finest King and Poco Bueno stock available. Remember, in 1947, Poco Bueno's stud fee was $5,000, so only the best of the best mares were bred to him, which is clearly evident in the quality and ability of his descendants today. These foals are natural athletes - even exhibiting it at play with rollbacks, sliding stops, and spins - this is just for fun. Our farm offers young stock year round, occasionally a broodmare, and stallion service. "Hay" if you're in the area, stop in for a cup of coffee or a soda and bring the kids because "everybody loves a baby horse"!

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